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3 Reasons to Consider Juicing


I will be the first to admit that juicing is not effortless. But is there anything worthwhile in our lives that is?

Here are three reasons why I choose to juice, choose to set aside a piece of time during the day where I won’t find arguments to skip it.

  1. It is sobering to know that more people are getting cancer now than ever before. This is not a disease any of us want. But we all have friends and loved ones who have suffered from it, and even died from it. If you start to do any amount of reading on the power of nutritrients to help our bodies fight off things like rogue cancer cells, it’s not hard to see how choosing powerful nutrition ever day of our lives has to work in our favor.
  2. I hate to be sick. I had the unfortunate opportunity to spend forty-five minutes in an MRI machine this past fall because of a suspected spot on my liver. It was an absolutely wretched experience. Thankfully, everything was okay, but I hope I never have to do that again.
  3. Juicing makes me feel so much better. I really can’t even explain how different I feel since I’ve been juicing 2-3 times per day. I have so much more energy. My taste for sugar has changed dramatically. Things that used to taste normal to me now taste sickeningly sweet. The result is I eat far less sugar than I used to.


If any of these reasons resonate with you, and you’ve never tried juicing, watch Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This was the first milestone of my journey and the story that made me want to making juicing a part of my life.



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