Nashville – Part Seven – Commit

Nashville – Part Seven – Commit
Publisher: Fence Free Entertainment
ISBN: 9780991499786
A delayed honeymoon to Anguilla is a slice of heaven on earth for Thomas and Lila.
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In Lila Bellamy, country music star Thomas Franklin has found the love of his life. He never imagined that he could have the kind of relationship his two best friends and co-stars, CeCe and Holden, have. But he does. And he intends to be deserving of it, to do whatever it takes to hold onto Lila and their daughter Lexie.

A delayed honeymoon to Anguilla is a slice of heaven on earth for Thomas and Lila. White sand, the beautiful blue green sea and time to plan their future, Lila’s hopeful career as a singer-songwriter and Thomas’s career with Barefoot Outlook, independent of their former label.

He has never felt more in control of his life and happiness. When Lila shares her fear that what they have is almost too good to be true, Thomas reassures her that they’ve both waited a long time to be together and that she will never have to worry about losing him. But neither of them have any way of knowing that isn’t the hand fate has planned for them at all. Will Lila be right? Is it too much to hope that they might have a long life of love ahead of them? Is it really all just too good to be true?

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