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I’m so excited to have Nashville – Part Four – Pleasure in the Rain out before Christmas! This book series has allowed me to meet some of the world’s nicest readers! Thank you to each and every one of you who have let me know how much you’ve come to enjoy CeCe, Holden, Thomas, Hank Junior and Patsy! That means so much to me.

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As a special promo for the book, if you buy Nashville – Part Four – Pleasure in the Rain Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you’ll get a FREE ebook – Bestselling Truths and Roses, another book of mine featuring small town folks with great big hearts! Here’s all you have to do: buy Nashville – Part Four here: and email a copy of your purchase receipt to Truths and Roses AMAZON

Here’s what wonderful reader Keyla Finley Handley said about Nashville – Part Four! “Ok, I just finished this book! It was so good! I cried a little laughed a little, then I was just happy at the end! I am so excited too about Thomas’ story next. I will be looking for a release date! I hope it soon! I also love the road you took with Case. I am trying not to give away details, but you could do him a book as well! Love, Love, Love this series and that you have songs to go with each book!! I hope CeCe and Holden’s story continues as well in the next book!They are just so much fun! Can’t wait for the next book! I know Thomas will find love as well!  Awesome job as always!”


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