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Love Books Love Reading

Love Books Love Reading

I love books. I love reading. Someone asked me why recently, prompting me to give the question some thought. If you’re someone who’s never really gotten it, the curiosity is understandable. Movies are exciting. When a movie nails the story, I would agree they are hard to beat. But books have such an expansive canvas…

    Writers: You Can Edit on Your ipad!

    Writers: You Can Edit on Your ipad!

    As if I didn’t already have a long enough laundry list of reasons why I LOVE my ipad, I recently discovered another. I can edit a manuscript inside my kindle app. You may already have discovered this and have an even longer love letter to write to Apple. But if not, here’s how it works….

      How to Write a Song

        If you are serious about learning how to write a song, head for Nashville Tennessee. Nashville is a treasure trove of information and opportunity. If you aren’t sure you can yet justify a move to the city, go for long weekends, get to know the city and see for yourself why writers and artists…

        It’s the Story: Every Time

        I wish I could say that every movie I see makes me feel as much as Twin Falls Idaho did. Released in 1999, the movie was directed by Michael Polish who also co-wrote and co-starred in the movie with his brother Mark Polish. The two play conjoined twins Blake and Francis Falls. Rejected by their…

          On Writing What You Know

          Most of the books I write take place in a small town.  It’s where I grew up and where I’m most comfortable putting characters.  They move around most naturally there because they know what they’re supposed to do and how they’re supposed to act. I’m having lunch today at The Hub, my town’s place to…