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Cute Kitten Videos – Yep!

Cute Kitten Videos – Yep!


Perfect opportunity for cute kitten videos!

So last Friday after my visit to the Roanoke pound to help with Lexie, I stopped at the Franklin County Humane Society Adoption Center to deliver a 20-year old dog left at the pound that morning by her owner. Thankfully, FCHS had agreed to take her in.

While there, I somehow managed to agree to foster four four-week old kittens.

kitten 2

I’ve never fostered kittens this young, so the first night I began to panic when they wouldn’t eat. Actually, they didn’t know how. The past few days have involved some syringe feeding, but I’m happy to say they are now enjoying a tasty mix of canned kitten food and formula. It’s the cutest thing to hear them smacking away at it.

Kittens Learning to Eat – Click to watch!

In the process of having these precious little sweeties with us, I’ve discovered they might possibly hold the keys to the cure for a couple of serious world problems.

1. Loneliness – a completely unnecessary condition eliminated with the presence of kittens. Who could be lonely with these tiny munchkins crawling onto your lap, snuggling and purring?

2. Sadness – watching these babies learn to eat, sleep in a tangled bunch, play on shaky legs, swat each other with tiny paws – I just sit and smile at them. Sadness doesn’t stand a chance.

Truthfully, I do think there’s a lot of loneliness, a lot of sadness in our world. Especially in older people who have retired, watched their children leave home. Dogs bring so much joy to my life, but I think a lot of people don’t realize how entertaining cats are and what wonderful company they can be. It’s one of those stereotypes that an hour or two in the kitty room at my local adoption center will quickly dispel.

I would love to encourage anyone wishing for a pet companion, who perhaps needs one that requires less physical effort than some dogs, to please consider adopting a cat from your local rescue!

And if you’re looking to adopt a kitten, I’m fostering four of the cutest kittens in the history of kittens! :)

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.39.01 AM

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