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Dog Rescue – Sammi’s Happy Ending

Dog Rescue – Sammi’s Happy Ending

Dog Rescue

Dog rescue can break your heart. I’ve had mine broken many times.

And if I’m honest, at one point, I believed Sammi would be another heartbreaker.

I’ve always thought her eyes say it all, rimmed as they can be with worry and concern.

I don’t know what Sammi’s early life was like, but I probably have a pretty good guess. She was found in a wooded area, scared and skinny and lost.

Fortunately, she was found by a nice person who brought her to the Franklin County Humane Society where I ended up fostering her. The idea was that I would give her the human attention she’d never had, and once she’d been socialized, we would find a home for her.

As is the case with many of my fosters, it didn’t go quite like that. For starters, it took almost two years of daily care, feeding, love, and attention before Sammi could bring herself to really trust us. Watching this play out confirmed my ideas of what might have happened to her as a young dog. One thing is for sure, she had not known human kindness.

It’s true that my family and I gave Sammi a lot. But she has given us so much in return. It really means something when you see a dog start to give you their trust. And it is something you truly have to earn when they’ve been mistreated.

Sammi now loves hugs, loves her doggy pals and loves going on runs with the golf cart.

In my books, I like happy endings, and I mostly write them that way. Sammi wrote hers by finding the courage to love us. And that makes it all the more satisfying.

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