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Don’t Ever Walk Away From a Pressure Cooker

When it’s, ah, under pressure.

This one I learned from my Grandma Holland.

Summertime green beans.  A dozen Ball Mason glass jars jiggling inside a 10 gallon drum of a pressure cooker. Both of my grandmas canned vegetables from the garden every summer.  Tomatoes. Corn. Peas.  And green beans.  Runner beans to be exact.

I’d heard her say it a dozen times.  “Don’t ever leave the kitchen when the pressure cooker is doing its thing.”  Gaining pressure, that is.  I’m not sure I ever took the advice to heart until the July afternoon Grandma proved the wisdom behind her advice(which had also been her mother’s as well).

The phone rang, a wall mount with that old phone ring that ringtones now try to mimic and don’t get exactly right.  I’m sure it was her intent to only look away for an instant.  But I guess the conversation with her brother’s wife Lucille got interesting because she forgot all about the pressure cooker until the explosion that splattered beans and Ball mason glass shards floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Luckily, no one else was in the kitchen when the green bean bomb went off.

Nothing like real life proof to make a theory stick.  To the light fixtures.  The door.  The countertops.  The table.  The chairs.  The rug.  Well, you get the picture.

In spite of that memorable incident, my Grandma was better in the kitchen than I will ever be. And so I’ve opted for freezing over canning. A wise decision, I feel sure!



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