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Download Free eBooks – Try Before You Buy

Download Free eBooks – Try Before You Buy


If you’re a reader looking to download free ebooks as a way to sample an author you’ve never read before, it’s a great way to try before you buy! Perfume companies know we need to sample the fragrance before we can decide it’s right for us. And since readers have different tastes in books, I think the same principle applies!

So, if you think the best romance novels take you away for a bit to a place you might actually want to visit, I hope you’ll give Good Guys Love Dogs a try. Here are some reader reviews:

5 Stars – Two Paws Up – Sweet love story filled with adorable dogs and a lucky calf. Just the perfect book to get caught up in, a quick read that will make you want to read more books by this talented author. – Reviewer


5 Stars – Amazing Book! – This is one of the very best books I’ve ever read! Cooper knows how to keep you absorbed and wanting more. I didn’t want to put the book down. A definite must read! I can’t wait to read more from her. – Reviewer


5 Stars – Read it in One Day – This book was so beautiful that I couldn’t put it down. read it out on the lounge in the one read without interruptions. Throughly recommend. Am now searching for other books by this author. Thank you Book Rooster for allowing me the chance to read this. Good Guys Love Dogs. Excellent! – Reviewer

5 Stars – Great Read! Good Guys Love Dogs is such a heart warming story right from the beginning until the end. It is about two people searching for that one thing that is missing in their life. For one it is simple he put work before anything and everything else. For one she has secrets and when they are exposed she will have to live with the consequences. For me I loved this book because it showed that through it all love has a place and love can heal all wounds.

Ian and his teenage son has a very rocky relationship. Ian has been an absentee father for his son Luke. He has put everything first from work to a new engagement. When Luke starts acting out and getting in trouble with the law Ian decides it is time for him to move to a small place and focus on his son and his needs.This decision is not made lightly as Ian is leaving his safety of work and his fiance but he knows it needs to be done.

Colby Williams is a single mother of a teenage daughter. Her daughter and her come to heads when her daughter finds out she has been keeping a secret about her father. When the secret is revealed Colby will have to do damage control but can she because a secret that big can destroy a person. If matters could not get worse Colby wants to buy a ranch so she can make her dreams come true by having a place for animals to go but there is only one thing the ranch she wants to buy Ian has bought.

When Ian and Colby come together in this story it felt like I was right there watching a real life scene. This book is a great Saturday or Sunday read. Sit by the fireplace and read because this one will melt your heart! – Reviewer


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