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Juice cover

Thinking about a short conversation I had this morning with a very nice man while waiting in line at my favorite juice bar. He had ordered a shot of wheatgrass and was getting ready to down it when I remarked on it. He said, “I have stage 4 cancer and I have one of these every single day.” I was more than a little shocked because he looked incredibly healthy and I told him so. He said you should have seen me last year. At some point, he went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach and learned all about eating raw foods and juicing. I was struck by his positive attitude and by how great he looked.

It’s amazing how we can be so greatly impacted by a short interaction with another person, and I was by him. I do believe that food choice is huge when it comes to protecting and enhancing our health. He certainly reinforced my determination to keep learning, keep listening and keep working at it.