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False Diagnosis: Betrayal of Trust

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Whistle-blower: How doctor uncovered nightmare

It’s a rare thing for a person in our world today not to have been affected by a cancer diagnosis. Friends, loved ones, even personal experience. It’s a dreaded word, a dreaded diagnosis.

This story of a doctor’s intentional false diagnosis of cancer and use of chemo drugs to build his own financial empire might push the limits of suspension of disbelief even in a novel. Impossible to believe then that it could happen in real life.

But without one doctor following his own suspicions and being willing to step out and voice the wrongs he thought were being done, patients of Dr. Farid Fata might still be suffering the worst kind of betrayal.

On some level, we all know that evil exists. We see evidence of it on the news every time we turn on the TV. But this kind of evil goes to the soul of what it means to be a human being.

Imagine a doctor telling a patient that he or she has cancer when it’s not actually true? Imagine that person’s world starting to crumble before the doctor’s very eyes, and he has no problem witnessing the pain because he stands to make a small fortune off the lengthy chemo treatments ahead for the patient?

At some point along the way, that doctor’s soul had to leave his own body. Or maybe it had never been there in the first place. Although it is hard to believe a man could go into medicine without some hope of helping humanity. Maybe the truth is the system set a honey trap of unlimited ability to earn money from the misery of others and greed rooted out any earlier motivations.

It is tempting to focus on the evil of one man after reading this story. But I think I’m going to make my take away the good of the doctor who saw something wrong and stepped forward even with the uncertainty of how it would affect his own career.

Good had to prevail. It’s the only way that life makes any kind of sense. Thank you, Dr. Soe Maunglay for being the voice of good.

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