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How to Bring Memories to Life

How to Bring Memories to Life

Food has the power to bring to mind wonderful memories of our childhood.

When I was growing up, both of my grandmothers were incredible cooks. There were certain dishes each of them fixed that I can see and smell to this day just by thinking of them. A lot of those dishes we had on Sunday afternoons when we would visit their houses after church. Mashed potatoes. Creamed corn. Homemade biscuits.

My Grandma Holland’s Blueberry Delight topped our favorites among her desserts. It had a graham cracker crust, a cream cheese center and a blueberry topping, and she would always take it to our family reunions in the summertime.

Her rice pudding with its meringue topping is still the best I’ve ever had, and I can see her putting it together on a Sunday morning when my sister and I were spending the weekend. She would have the radio on a local station that played Bluegrass gospel, singing along to Amazing Grace, Just As I Am and other classic hymns as she happily prepared Sunday lunch.

Every fall, my Grandma Johnson made fried apple pies in a plug-in electric skillet. She would roll the dough for the crust thin and fill each pie with cinnamon-laced cooked apples which we bought from a nearby orchard in the fall. She would press the edges into a fan with a fork before putting them in the orange pan.  The smell was heavenly, the taste equally so.

And I’ve yet to find a rival for her biscuits. She started making them when she was just a young girl in a special bowl that belonged to her mother. I still don’t know how they always came out  so perfectly light and fluffy from her oven.

Over the years, I’ve tried to learn how to make some of these dishes the way my grandmas made them, although mine will never be as good. But each and every time I make one of them, the smell, the taste, brings back to life many wonderfully sweet moments of my childhood.  And that’s a place I love to visit, even in a memory.

What are some of the dishes that bring back wonderful memories for you? Tell us here!


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