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I Loved The Vow!

The Vow

A movie on a cold February Saturday afternoon sounded like a good idea, but to be honest, I haven’t seen that many movies lately that left me feeling glad I went once it was over.

Not so with The Vow.

For me, this was a movie that did what movies are supposed to do, offer up a story that allows for a couple hours of complete absorption, a mini-vacation of a sort.  The story gets off to a roller coaster start, a short ride up the first hill to happiness, and then it’s dropping off the other side into total uncertainty.

The Vow

Leo and Paige are two people you can’t help but want the best for.  As guys go, Leo(Channing Tatum) is a good one.  Once Paige(Rachel McAdams) snags his heart, it’s clear he’s hers for life.  His love for her is so earnest and convincing that he’s easy for us to love.

Paige’s struggle with what has happened to her(trying not to give away the story here!) makes her a little less sympathetic at times, but not enough so to make us question why Leo still loves her.

The most outstanding scene in the movie for me was the one in which Jessica Lange who play’s Paige’s mother, explains to her daughter why she stayed with Paige’s father after he had an affair with one of Paige’s friends.  Lange’s explanation is riveting, and this was the part of the story that made me cry.

Again, without giving away the plot, it was nice to leave the theatre feeling hopeful instead of hopeless.  If you’re looking for a good love story to lose yourself in, go see The Vow.  I’m glad I did.