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Juicing Love



It wasn’t an at first sight kind of thing. It took a bit of finessing on the part of my juicer and its attempts to find the exact blend that would put these hearts in my eyes. But finesse, it did, and my Breville Elite and I now have a date each and every day of the week.

I started this love affair on a cautionary note. Aware that it could be a positive life change, but also with lots of questions about things like how much to have each day, which fruits and vegetables blended well together, whether it could be refrigerated, how long it would stay fresh and much more.


As it turns out, the more I learn, the more I want to know. And so I’m on a quest to discover as much about the benefits of juicing as I can. My introduction to juicing came when I watched Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, an amazing documentary about his 60-day juice fast and how it totally changed his state of health and well-being.

I also found a podcast – Jucing Radio – that I’ve been listening to on my phone when I’m running or riding my bike. They have lots of good interviews with people who’ve rebooted their lives with juicing. Here are a couple of favorites:

Victoria Moran – Author of Main Street Vegan

Shawny’s Juicing Weight Loss Success Tips


So, a little on why I’ve taken to juicing. I started a couple of years ago, juicing off and on, making smoothies more often than juice. And when I did juice, I would only have one a day. I really liked it, but didn’t make it a priority.

Then I began having some digestive issues. Certain foods just did not suit me anymore. I went to see my doctor about the symptoms and ended up being scheduled for an ultrasound of my abdomen. Based on the results of that, I was scheduled for an MRI. If there’s any experience that will make you want to protect your health, it is spending nearly an hour in an MRI machine.

For me, it was an exercise in trying not to have a panic attack while blocking out the jackhammer sound effects of the machine.

Thankfully, my results were good and no more tests were needed. But the experience renewed my determination to clean up my eating even more than I already had. I decided to get serious about the juicing, increasing my juices per day from one to three or four.

And boy, has it made a difference in the way I feel. I have one for breakfast, usually one late morning, afternoon and sometimes after dinner.

What have I noticed?

Increased energy – MAJOR increase in energy. I’ve tackled projects over the past few weeks that I have been putting off for two years.

Far less desire to snack. Far fewer cravings for snack type food. I’ve read this about the effects of juicing, and I have to say, it’s something I’ve definitely noticed. I don’t think about snacking. There is a satisfaction I have from drinking juice throughout the day that I have not experienced eating any other way.

My digestive issues. Nearly gone.

Weight loss. My scale is currently broken, but my guess is around ten pounds.

Those are my facts for now.


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