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Katherine Heigl and Random Acts of Kindness

Katherine Heigl and Random Acts of Kindness

Since I first became involved in dog rescue seven or eight years ago, I have seen some tragically mistreated dogs.  Nearly starved hounds.  Puppies with abuse-suspicious injuries.  Old dogs who’ve lived most of their lives without veterinary care.

But of them all, I would have to say among the most heart-wrending are the Pit Bulls who have been used as bait for dog fighting.  I know of one situation where a dog had been dropped on a side road when he was no longer usable as bait, only to be found curled up in someone’s garage just waiting to die from his horrific injuries.

In this case, he received care and treatment in time to save his life, but many of these dogs never get help because they die without anyone knowing what has happened to them.


By nature, the dogs who are often used as bait are the more meek and submissive dogs, dogs who would choose to roll over and give in to another dog’s superiority instead of fighting.

It’s hard for me to fathom what a person is made of when they consider it entertainment to stand by and watch while a stronger, more able dog tears a meek one to pieces.  That’s a part of humanity I wish I didn’t have to acknowledge exists.

But it does.

Hard as that is to accept, I have to believe that for every horrible action carried out by one person, there is another whose compassion can change a life.  I recently read that for one rescued Pit Bull puppy named Rufus who had been used as bait, actress Katherine Heigl, known for her work with rescue dogs, did exactly that.  When it was determined that the puppy‘s injuries were so extensive that he would have to wear a body cast for an extended length of time, she took him home with her.

I don’t know why we live in a world with such completely opposing examples of human nature and random acts of kindness. A world where it is possible for one person to heartlessly throw an innocent puppy into a fighting ring and another to selflessly step forward to save it and nurse it back to health.

But we do.

I’m thankful that people like Katherine Heigl and all the other rescue groups and volunteers who stand up for these dogs every day continue to fight the good fight, to throw light on the wrong, to insist that right win out.  Because it just has to.


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