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Kindle Paperwhite: A Reading Delight

Kindle Paperwhite: A Reading Delight


Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPad. I have a laundry list of uses for it, including the Kindle app on which I have a library of books waiting for me to read.

Here’s my problem. I am constantly distracted from pleasure reading on my iPad because my brain keeps sending out little pleas for me to just really quickly check Facebook. Haven’t looked at email in a couple of hours. There’s that app I’m using to practice French. Oh, and Netflix.

You get the picture. Shades of focus difficulties.

But then I tried reading on the Kindle Paperwhite. And my brain instantly accepted its lack of distractions and settled onto the page in front of me.

I love this little reading device!

It’s barely noticeable in my purse. I can read on it at night after I turn off the lamp. And there’s something about the screen that makes it feel more like the pages of regular books.

I love, too, that it syncs with my phone, iPad or whatever I last opened the book on. I really don’t think reading has ever been more of a pleasure. I’m not exclusive to digital in my reading habits, but who can deny how wonderful it is to have this as an option?

Not me!


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