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Library Love

 Libraries raised me

I’m sitting upstairs this afternoon in the library that is a focal point of our small town.

This is actually the new version. When I was growing up, the library was much smaller, and it was located “uptown” right next to the courthouse. The library we have now is wonderful with lots of modern niceties. But my favorite remains the old one, the one I went to as a child. I even set my first book – Truths and Roses – in a fictional version of this library.

Honestly, getting to go there was more thrilling than any shopping trip, more so, even, than going out for ice cream. I remember, too, when I got my first library card. It felt like I’d been handed a key to another universe. And, really, I guess I had. All those books. All those stories I couldn’t wait to read.

We usually went once a week. On Saturday morning when we would go to town for groceries. I can still remember the smell of the building and what it felt like to have a chunk of time to browse the aisles for the places I would get to visit during my reading travel the following week.

I’m really thankful for that library. I would never have been able to read all the books I read growing up if it hadn’t been there.

Did you have a favorite library when you were growing up?


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