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Love Books Love Reading

I love books. I love reading. Someone asked me why recently, prompting me to give the question some thought. If you’re someone who’s never really gotten it, the curiosity is understandable. Movies are exciting. When a movie nails the story, I would agree they are hard to beat. But books have such an expansive canvas that we often get to know its people so much more completely. I love so many of the people I’ve met in the books I’ve read. Many of them stay in my memory like individuals I’ve actually known in real life.Love Books Love Reading I think my own desire to become a writer came from that very ambition. I wanted to create for others the same kinds of characters readers might come to love the way my favorite writers had done for me. It’s a tall order without doubt. I started writing fiction in college, and my early manuscripts fell far short of the goal. It took me years of writing to reach a point where my characters lost their two dimensional feel and began to resemble real people.

I used to do critiques with a writer friend of mine. We joked that our characters ate a lot because when we couldn’t think of a plot point for them we would put them at the table and let them talk while passing bowls of mashed potatoes. Eventually, we both found other things for them to do which no doubt improved the pacing of our stories.

With every book, I try to improve on some part of the reader experience. I love a good love story, and so that’s a central focus of my books. I want to show who the characters are and what’s happened in their lives to make them who they are. And I try to put situations and obstacles in front of them that make them question and maybe even redefine what they know about themselves.

I want my stories to take readers through a range of emotions, both laughter and tears. And I hope to take them to another place for a little while. Vacations are hard to come by, but it’s wonderful to know that within the pages of a book, you can go most anywhere for a few hours.

So if you love books and you love reading, I’d like to think one of mine might introduce you to someone you’d like to know in real life. And take you somewhere for a bit of time that you might like to go.

It would make me happy to know that I accomplished that!


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