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Love Story: Blue Wide Sky

Love Story: Blue Wide Sky

What is a love story?

As a reader, I would describe this kind of book as a story that features the relationship of two main characters who recognize in each other something they have long been looking for. Maybe they don’t know it until they meet. Maybe their life circumstances make their being together seem impossible. But in the other, they find a missing piece of their life puzzle.

A Love Story: Blue Wide Sky

A Love Story: Blue Wide Sky

How does a love story differ from romance novels?

A love story doesn’t always guarantee the tied up with a bow happy ending.

As a reader, I want a satisfying ending. But I know real life won’t always give us that. And so I find that in the books I read and the books I write, I want to give the reader an experience that reflects real life but still lets them believe that sometimes people are meant to find each other.

That’s the case for Gabby and Sam in Blue Wide Sky, two soul mates who met early in life and lost each other. When they meet again twenty-five years down the road, they both realize it may be too late for them.

Here’s what readers on have said about Blue Wide Sky.

Amazing Love Story! – “I have read several of Inglath Cooper’s books, and so far this is my favorite! It is what I call a feel good book. Romance has been my favorite type of book for about 45 years, and I have to say this one rates as one of my favorites! THANK you Inglath Cooper!” – RUFUS, Reviewer

“Great read. This book had me hooked from the beginning. I have to say have the tissues ready. Also get ready to start this book and never put it down. Then be mad because you will have to wait for the next one.” – LX – Reviewer

5 Emotionally Riveting Stars – “Holy Wow! Public service announcement: Before sitting o read this book be sure to have time to read it from front to back. And make sure to have a box of tissues. I laughed, cried and was mad. This is an amazing story with amazing characters. A must read. Can’t wait to read more of the series.” –  Kindle Customer

“There are few novels that take you back to times in your life, where you made or someone else made decisions that effected your life that you remembered forever. Occasionally they even bit you in the posterior to the point you admitted that you had really screwed up. They stick with you and sometimes you have a chance to apologize for what good it will or won’t do. This author has written an exquisite book where you wish there was a grading system that went above what you have before you. I highly recommend this work, 5 Stars in my system are simply not enough. Kudo’s Ms. Cooper.” – Reviewer

“Loved this book. It had everything. Romance, excitement, humor, choices, great characters to love, beautiful scenery, and a perfect ending.” – Reviewer

“This was an incredible story! It was full of love, hope, compassion and faith in soul mates! I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed all the characters!” – Gabriella Garza, reviewer

“This beautiful book was a heartwarming story of first love and second chances. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. You’ll feel so many emotions reading this story. I can’t wait until the next book.” – Cheryl W., reviewer

“This book is so different than any other romance book. I finished it in one sitting. The interactions between the characters was so heartwarming. I would recommend this book to everone” – Pat E., reviewer

“A good book series for anyone who loves a good love story!”

"A love story - Blue Wide Sky - A Smith Mountain Lake Novel."

“A love story – Blue Wide Sky – A Smith Mountain Lake Novel.”


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