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Meeting James Patterson

Meeting James Patterson

Not my best hair day.

Not my best hair day.


You know how you sometimes imagine meeting someone whose work you admire or books you’ve read? Like James Patterson?

Not sure I imagined that I would ever actually cross paths with James Patterson, but today, I did. And I just wanted to let you know that whatever methodology the world uses to keep us humble, it’s in full working order.

I was at Frederick Fekkai getting my hair blonded as my girls like to call it. Jerome, the very hunky French Jerome, who so kindly blondes my hair, asked me if I knew who was sitting beside me getting a haircut. I glanced over just as he said, “James Patterson.”

Of course, I was very excited about the possibility of telling Mr. Patterson how much I’ve enjoyed his books, but my enthusiasm was immediately dampened by the fact that I was already well on my way to alien transformation with dozens of silver foils sticking out of my head.

I have to tell you that the younger me would not have drawn his attention to this less than glamorous version of myself. But the me of today knows that a missed opportunity doesn’t usually present itself again. So I tried to picture myself with my regular hair and leaned over and told him how much I’ve enjoyed his books.

It’s always a wonderful surprise when a celebrity turns out to be so much nicer than you might have expected. I once saw a woman in a restaurant make a complete nincompoop of herself with Kenny Rogers. That pretty much cured me of ever wanting to overstep personal space boundaries.

Surprisingly, Mr. Patterson didn’t seem too taken aback by my plethora of foils. He didn’t pull out sunglasses or squint. I told him I had taken his online Master class and got a lot from it. He was quite gracious, and we went on to chat about some of his favorite authors and a new character he’s creating: a wealthy French detective who works in New York City.

So. The moral of the story? Perfect moments rarely exist outside of novels or movies. Real life usually presents such serendipities, as my mom likes to call them, with some freckles and rough edges. I’ll go with that. Otherwise, we just miss out.


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