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Movie Reviews: Fireflies in the Garden


Movie Reviews

Family dynamics are complicated at best, and Fireflies in the Garden is a movie whose theme flows from this very truth.

I tend to like movies about families and all their complications. And Fireflies in the Garden is a story about a dysfunctional family with their share of skeletons in their closets. Michael Taylor(Ryan Reynolds) grew up in a house with a very domineering, demanding father, Charles(Willem Dafoe). Michael rejects his father’s controlling ways. As he grows older, the conflict between the two escalates to the point that Lisa(Julia Roberts), Michael’s mother, constantly intervenes in an attempt to make peace between them.

The story begins when Michael is an adult and a successful writer. He’s returning home for his sister’s graduation when his mother is killed in a car accident. Michael’s father had been driving the car.

This movie is not without its painful moments. The anger and resentment between Michael and his father are very real. I found myself wondering how a relationship between father and son can get to such a point. I think the answer has to be pride and a refusal to recognize when it has become our guiding force.

p194005_p_v7_aaFireflies in the Garden is a story about family, relationships, mourning, the reality of people’s needs and the power of forgiveness and moving on. The acting is first-rate. But one thing I found notable is that they didn’t really seem to mourn Lisa’s loss. It was as if it just got skipped over. You can decide whether you agree with me or not.

Despite the abundance of choice now at our fingertips, good movies are hard to find. If you’re someone who likes to find the best movies on Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video, I think you’ll find Fireflies in the Garden worth the watch.


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