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Movie Reviews – The Other Woman a 5 Star Escape


Movie Reviews

If you’re looking for a movie that will let you turn off the world for a couple of hours and just go to a place where you can laugh, this is that movie.

So here’s a story about Mark, a husband gone bad, and the three women who set out to teach him a lesson. Ironically, those three women are his wife and two of his conquests.

Carly (Cameron Diaz) – conquest number one, meets wife Kate (Leslie Mann) – when Carly arrives at Mark’s house dressed as a hot plumber after he breaks one of their dates because of a “water leak in his basement.”


When the two finally put the pieces together, things do not look good for Mark! These two end up becoming friends, and I’m not sure who’s more entertaining, Kate or her Great Dane “puppy.”

I haven’t seen a romantic comedy that I enjoyed this much in some time. It has all the elements that many of us look for in a movie. You won’t have to think too hard, the scenery is spectacular and the laughs frequent.

For me, this was a five-star escape!

You can rent it right now on iTunes and on Amazon.


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