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Nashville TV Show – Why I’m Just Now Indulging

Nashville TV Show – Why I’m Just Now Indulging


So I’m a little late to the party for the Nashville TV show, but I actually have a really good reason.

After spending a great deal of time in Nashville learning how to write lyrics, and loving the community more than I could have imagined, I decided I wanted to write a fiction series based on my experiences there. When I was finishing up Book One – Ready to Reach, I heard there was a TV series coming out called Nashville.

At first, I thought, oh, no, everyone is going to think I copied the idea, but honestly, it was a complete coincidence. As much as I wanted to watch the show, I decided I wouldn’t until I had completed my own series. I didn’t want to be influenced by the show’s story, and I wanted my series to be its own thing.

After ten books, I’m not saying I’m done with my series, but I did recently decide to start watching the Nashville TV show on Turning on the first episode was like dipping into a container of chocolate gelato you’ve been saving until you thought you finally deserved to eat it.

I kind of held my breath through the first couple of episodes, hoping my own books would not feel too similar. And they don’t. The similarities are the obvious ones. The Nashville setting itself. The hallmarks of the songwriting community there. The Bluebird cafe. The dreams of songwriters and aspiring singers.

The story is always in the characters, and the characters in the Nashville TV show are very different from my Holden, CeCe and Thomas. So I can continue watching without fear of being influenced.

I stayed up until one o’clock last night watching because I couldn’t stop myself from going to the next episode.

My favorite character so far? Deacon Claybourne. Sigh. He’s the hot, smart, serious artist type that I love. And there’s the whole Deacon and Rayna thing. It’s why we readers love a great love story. Theirs is that. Derailed of course. Destined to be constantly interrupted and put off. But it’s one of the main threads that pulls us forward episode to episode.

And why wouldn’t Rayna be crazy about him? He’s the man her husband can never be. First love. The real thing.

rayna_nashville-jpg-crop-promovar-mediumlargeTheir backstory and the reason they are apart is completely believable. When they were young and starting out in Nashville, Deacon had a substance abuse problem. Went to rehab repeatedly. But it took until the fifth time for it to stick, and by then, Rayna had given up on him and married someone completely different.

In Episode One, she’s now famous, and he’s lead guitar in her band. They’ve found a way to be at peace with their past and go on with their lives. But the pull is still there. And off we go.

If you haven’t yet watched the Nashville TV show, you can do so on (What a bargain this streaming option is at $7.99 a month.)  When ABC canceled the show after the fourth season, it was picked up for a fifth – Yayyyy!!! – by CMT and is being shown the day after original airing on

Start watching, and I have a feeling you’ll be as hooked as I am!


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