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Police: What If We Didn’t Have Them


The police. What if we didn’t have them?

Have you ever thought about that? I have. Plenty of times. The world can be a dangerous place. Sometimes, randomly so. Just last night, Fox News reported the murder of a four-year old little girl who was shot in the head by someone passing the truck she was riding in with her parents. There are no words for this kind of evil.

And it occurs even though we have laws and police to enforce them.

What would our country be like if we didn’t have laws and police to enforce them?

I cannot imagine.

That is why it is so worrisome to me to see the evolving anti-police sentiment growing in our country. I am writing this after hearing a news report of another police officer shot in New York City while trying to apprehend a suspect in a crime.

Being a policeman or policewoman is an incredibly dangerous job. That’s enough to keep plenty of us from ever thinking we could do it.

But now, added to that, is the lack of respect for them and what they do every day.

To the person who refused to serve a policeman in Olive Garden because he was wearing his weapon; to the person who denied service to a police officer in Dunkin’ Donuts; to the person who wrote Black Lives Matter on an officer’s Starbucks coffee cup; I hope you are never in need of a police officer’s assistance. But if you are, I hope they will not deny you service. Even though I’m pretty sure you would deserve it.



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