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Rock Her – New Book

Rock Her – New Book

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Finishing up the edits on my new book. This is a fun phase, but a nerve-wracking, one, too because I always start thinking what if it’s not really that good? What if no one likes it?

This book is mostly set in Italy. Gosh, I love that country! There’s not a town you can drive through that isn’t interesting and unique in some way. My two main characters – Lizzy and Ren – end up doing just this – driving town to town – falling in love with Italy as I have during my trips there.

Lizzy is a photographer and takes tons of pictures during their travels. I took tons during mine as well. Thought I would share some of them here.

You can Pre-order Rock Her on The release date is September 19, 2014! Thank you for your interest in my books. I appreciate it so very much!


It seems appropriate to start with dessert first. The Tiramisu at this small trattoria in Rome was the best I’ve ever had! Can’t even come up with words to describe it!


There are so many angles from which to view Rome’s sprawling beauty.


I find the architecture incredible.


The food stands are virtual works of art. Their proprietors take great pride in their presentation.


When my husband isn’t mimicking Roman statues, he’s actually pretty hot.


In all fairness, here he is looking considerably hotter.