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Survive the Unthinkable

Survive the Unthinkable


There is so much violence in our world.

This past week, I’ve been unable to stop thinking about Hannah Graham, the University of Virginia student who disappeared on September 13th. It’s almost impossible to process this kind of thing, a young girl disappears without explanation. It’s the unthinkable.

No matter how much we try to close it out, avoid listening to the news stories or read the articles in the newspapers, it’s there. We know it. And maybe we try not to think about it because we know deep down that if someone really wants to hurt us, there’s probably not going to be much we can do to stop it.

But that’s not the way we should think about it, is it?

Or at least that’s what I realized today after listening to an interview with Tim Larkin, author of Survive the Unthinkable. I’m reading this book.

You can listen to the interview on Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast. Check it out here.


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