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Kale Recipes: Kale, Potato, Pea Salad

I like to make big, dinner portion salads, kind of one-dish meals. We’re a family of six, so size matters! If you like kale recipes, this particular salad is filling, so you shouldn’t leave the table hungry. The kale, potatoes and walnuts are a good mix of flavors. You may have noticed kale is the…

    Recipe: Toasted Walnut Apple Salad

    Recipe: Toasted Walnut Apple Salad

    Here’s a favorite healthy meal apple salad! It takes next to no time to put together, and everything in it is super good for you! 6 medium organic Gala apples, sliced into bite size pieces 1 large container of organic mixed greens 1 small container of crumbled Goat cheese 1/2 crumbled walnuts 1/4 cup of…