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The Bristol: A Hotel with a Cat

The Bristol: A Hotel with a Cat


Luxury hotels in Paris don’t typically have cats. But the Bristol does. And his name is Fa-raon.

His address is 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.

We are told about him upon arriving at the hotel. The staff at the front desk are clearly fond of him and tell us about his frequent appearances when people check in. How he likes to spend time in the garden area and has never once ventured out the front onto the street.

It’s easy enough to understand why. By most comparisons, he has his own feline Versailles.

We aren’t able to track him down on our first day at the hotel. But the next morning after breakfast, we are waved aside by a friendly clerk who asks if we want to see the mysterious Fa-raon since he happens to know his current napping location.

My daughters are ecstatic to hear of it, and we follow the man to an enormous room where special events are held. And there is Fa-raon, giving himself a bath as if it is part of a daily ritual we are rudely interrupting.

Farro 1

He’s a princely guy. Regal with a coat as soft as cotton. His eyes are blue like the Mediterranean. And it is clear he gets more attention than he may actually want. He tolerates our adoration with polite indulgence. And when enough seems like enough, he stands and sashays away as if to say, “You have seen me. Now off with you.”

The Bristol Hotel in Paris is a wonderful place to stay for many reasons, location, beautiful rooms, very friendly English-speaking staff. But what makes it stand out for me is its designation of Fa-raon as its star attraction. Kindness, after all, really is everything.

Farro 2




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