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The Louvre Museum Even Has a Starbucks

The Louvre Museum Even Has a Starbucks

There’s something almost reverent about the Louvre Museum – Musee du Louvre – in Paris. The first time I visited was a dozen years ago when I was much less far along on my creative journey. But even then I felt the specialness of it. Centuries and centuries of creativity, some of the best offered up by humanity, housed in one palatial setting that is visually worthy of the treasure entrusted to its sturdy walls. I think I feel it even more so on my second visit to the museum. I am inspired, awestruck and deeply appreciative of what has been brought together here. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is, of course, the most famous draw. You would be remiss to leave the building without seeing her, but there are so many other simply incredible works to see.

Louvre 8

It’s humbling to witness such overwhelming evidence of how much has been created before our own presence here on earth.

Centuries pass and the work endures. I wonder if the artists and sculptors had any idea or even a hope that their art would last so far beyond their own lives. That people would be walking through a place such as the Louvre admiring what they left to civilization.

Louvre 6

They couldn’t have known. Who dares to dream that big? But it’s incredible nonetheless to realize what an impact an artist can make by putting his or her vision onto canvas, paper or stone. Powerful stuff, isn’t it?Louvre 2

And, oh yes, the Louvre even has a Starbucks where you can have a coffee when your feet begin to protest the acres of brilliance you have viewed. Rest a little. Head back for more. Perfect.

Louvre 3


Louvre 4


Louvre 5


Louvre 7



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