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The Lucky One

The Lucky One - Beth and Logan

I saw The Lucky One today. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. I had seen the previews for this and wanted to see it, but didn’t realize it was out yet. When I saw it listed at my local theatre, I made a spur of the moment decision to go, and what a wonderful treat this movie was.

How could I not immediately fall for Logan Thibault(Zac Efron) who arrives home from a tour of duty to be greeted by his great big German Shepherd, Zeus. It is immediately clear that the dog adores him, and I soon did as well.

The Lucky One

Logan is this quiet soul kind of guy who speaks with his eyes as much as with words. He’s young, but he’s seen a lot, and believes he’s lucky to be alive, crediting that to a photo he found after a surprise attack leaves other soldiers around him dead. No one seems to know who the woman in the picture is, but when he arrives back in the States, he decides to try and find her.

The woman is Beth Green (Taylor Schilling). She lives in Louisiana with her grandmother(wonderfully played by Blythe Danner) and her son Ben. They run a boarding and kennel facility called Green Kennels, a dog lover’s dream.  Again, how could I not love this movie?

The story is one of growth and healing.  Beth’s threatening ex-husband is the main roadblock to the love developing between Logan and her, but we see Beth finally stand up to him and reach out for the love she wants with Logan.

The movie is beautifully made, the scenery lush and inviting. The story is filled with many emotional and touching moments, among them Logan’s role in helping Beth’s son to have confidence in his musical ability and Beth’s grief over the loss of her brother.

If you love dogs and a good love story, The Lucky One is a can’t miss.