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The White Horse Thing

The White Horse Thing

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“A prince rarely arrives on a white horse. You’ll recognize him all the same.”

Excerpt from Jane Austen Girl

. . .Grier never wanted to move. It made absolutely no sense, but not once in her life had she ever found herself in a place that felt like it was the only place she’d ever been meant to be. Here in the circle of Bobby Jack Randall’s arms.

Her hand lay pressed to the center of his chest even though she had no memory of putting it there. She only knew she didn’t want to move it. He rubbed his thumb across the top of her shoulder. Something about the simplicity of his gesture broke down the wall of need inside her, and she lifted her face to his. “Would you please kiss me, Bobby Jack?”

“Grier. We both know this isn’t a good idea.” His voice was rough at the edges, as if it wasn’t easy to say what he’d just said.

“Would you do it anyway?”

He hesitated for a second during which she thought he would simply say no. But then he made a low sound of defeat and sank his mouth onto hers.

The kiss was unlike any she had ever known. Grier thought maybe this was what the princess in all those fairy tales felt like when the prince finally kissed her and brought her back to life.

Because that’s what Bobby Jack’s kiss did for her. Filled her with helium-like happiness so that she turned into him and looped her arms around the back of his neck, seeking any way at all to get closer to him.

He made another sound of defeat and slipped his hands under her arms, lifting her quickly, deliberately, onto his lap. They kissed like that for minutes on end. Two people who hadn’t realized their thirst for one another until now. . . .

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I love books! From my earliest memories, I loved being read to and then reading practically every book in my elementary school library. There’s something about taking a little trip into a wonderful story that is its own unique pleasure. Over the years, my favorite authors have provided me with glimpses into worlds I would never have known had I not picked up their books. From Beverley Cleary to Lavyrle Spencer to Jodi Piccoult to Anita Shreve and so many others, I am grateful they chose to become storytellers. A great story has the power to move, change and shape its readers. To me, that’s an honorable calling and a task I aspire to.


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