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I’ve always thought that to be among the best romance novels in a reader’s opinion, my books must resonate with some piece of their lives.

I ran across a review of Rock Her this morning on a blog for romance book reviews. After reading the review, I felt that I might have done that for this reviewer. I so appreciated the time she took to craft this lovely piece. I felt as if she must have been looking over my shoulder as I was writing the book. Here’s a section of the review. You can read the whole piece here.

“The reader will think the story is on its way to the expected conclusion until a tragic set of circumstances brings the HEA into question.

Beautiful woman

Ms. Cooper not only gives us the story from the point of view of the main characters, but also Lizzy’s husband Ty and her daughter Kylie. While Lizzy and Ren are written in first person, so that you get both points of view, Ty is written in second person (“You think you know someone.”) and Kylie is written in third person (“Kylie hangs up from the phone call with her dad….”). It may seem disjointed but it works beautifully because each style portrays the character exactly. Ty is full of himself. Kylie is the detached spoiled child. Lizzy and Ren live in the moment.

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And when it all comes together, Ms. Cooper’s exquisite, emotionally intense story makes us realize we’ve all been through our own crises the same way, experiencing it first hand if it’s our own problem, feeling detached and aloof if it’s someone else.

The metaphors are obvious: the beauty of a far off land, the use of photography as a way to open up, the broken rock star who, despite the pact he and his brother made when they first started out, is on his way to being the cliché. Yet the story never feels contrived, never seems obvious. And that’s the beauty of it. “Rock Her” is a beautiful song about life, a quiet must read, a true romantic tale of love, loss and self discovery.”

That last line is what the best romance books I’ve read have done for me. I’m honored to think I might have accomplished something of that in this reviewer’s opinion. To read more of the blog’s romance novel reviews, click here.


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