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Torn Between Two Brothers. . .

Man in green


Torn between two brothers. . .

. . .Grier tried not to stare, but curiosity got the better of her, and she squinted at the man’s face. With a start, she recognized him as Darryl Lee’s older brother, the resemblance impossible to miss.

Bobby Jack Randall. The name came instantly to her, even though she’d barely met him once when she and Darryl Lee came back to his house to watch TV, high school code for making out. Bobby Jack had been home from college for the weekend, and she remembered now the way he’d looked at her with what she’d later realized – too late, actually – was pity and even later on discovered the reason for.

If Darryl Lee looked like Bradley Cooper, Bobby Jack could pass for a slightly more serious, slightly taller version. He had darker hair and startling green eyes. Amazingly enough, he was even better looking than Darryl Lee.

“You’re a rat’s ass, you know it, son?” Bobby Jack said, glancing Grier’s way with clear disapproval, his voice carrying through Darryl Lee’s rolled-down window.

“Hey, man, I wish, but it’s not what you’re thinkin’,” Darryl Lee said.

“Right. I thought you and Dreama were trying to work things out.”

Darryl Lee glanced back at Grier, and she decided his two minutes were up.

“Come on, Sebbie.” She picked up her dog’s leash, opened the door and slid out, waiting for Sebbie to jump down beside her.

He did, jerking the leash from her hand and shooting across the parking lot toward Bobby Jack’s truck, the hound inside now barking at Sebbie in a very large hound dog bark.

Grier ran after him, her feet again screaming in the hateful heels. “Sebbie!”

“Looks like he’s got a little crush on Florence,” Darryl Lee drawled, smiling at her.


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