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Watch The Newsroom – This is Good Writing

Watch The Newsroom – This is Good Writing

Will McAvoy and MacKenzie McHale

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I caught an episode of it on a flight back from France. I had heard it mentioned but never looked into it. During my nine-hour flight, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. The Newsroom, available on HBO, is a character-driven show that shows us some very real people with very real lives. They are successful in their careers but each tote plenty of personal baggage into the newsroom every day. Season One and Season Two are as good as TV drama gets, and even though it is a drama, there are many laugh-out loud moments. Jeff Daniels is utterly convincing as ACN anchor Will McAvoy. Although we initially see him as a first class jerk, we soon enough begin to see that he is a jerk with a heart. His executive producer, MacKenzie McHale, is also the ex love of his life. Their history provides for plenty of tension and spark-filled dialogue. My next favorite character is Charlie Skinner. He’s smart and comes out with some hilarious one-liners. Aaron Sorkin’s characters are so well-drawn that they actually feel like friends. That’s good writing.
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